How to make a living as a WordPress Developer by RJ McCollam

How to make a living as a WordPress Developer

Learn how to make money building for the most popular platform on the web


There are tons of resources available for you to learn how to develop a custom WordPress theme, but nearly all of them leave out the most important part – how to actually make money.

In this course i'll show you exactly how I build custom WordPress themes from scratch that clients actually enjoy using, and i'll also go over the business side of being a freelance WordPress developer. Touching on topics from how to get clients to what you need to have in your contract for a project.

What's included?

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Getting Started
01 - Course Overview
3 mins
02 - Why WordPress
8 mins
Getting Clients
03 - Finding and Securing Clients
6 mins
04 -What You Can Charge For Your Work
8 mins
05 - Handling Contact Scope and Payment
11 mins
Setting up WordPress
Bare Theme
1.39 MB
Design Files
60.1 MB
06 - What Are We Building
7 mins
07 - The Tools We Will Need
7 mins
08 - Installing WordPress On Our Local Machine
10 mins
09 - Installing Our Starter Theme and Plugins
13 mins
10 - WordPress Theme Anatomy
12 mins
11 - Setting Up Pages Menus and Our Theme
23 mins
Building the Theme
12 - Building the Header
29 mins
13 - Building the Hero Section
31 mins
14 - Building the Footer
8 mins
15 - Building the Home Page
23 mins
16 - Building the Page Template
11 mins
17 - Building the Single Template
3 mins
18 - Building the Blog Pages
13 mins
20 - Building the Menu Page
44 mins
21 - Building the Locations Page
28 mins
19 - Building the Rest of Core Pages
7 mins
22 - Final Testing
8 mins
Delivering to the Client
23 - Creating Explanation Videos For Clients
4 mins
24 - Uploading the Site to the Clients Server.mp4
8 mins
25 - Handling Client Feedback and Revisions
5 mins
26 - When and Why to Send Your Invoice
3 mins
27 - Project Debrief
4 mins
Client Update #1 - Forms
42 mins
Setting Up a Git Deployment Process
23 mins
All Course Downloads
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Course Slides
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How to Make a Living as a WordPress Developer.pdf
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How to Make A Living as a WordPress Developer.epub
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Completed Theme
1.78 MB

Freelance developer helping other freelancers

Freelancing is one of the hardest career paths around, but when things are going well it is certainly one of the bests. I have been freelancing since 2008 both as a moonlighter and full-time since 2013. Along with client work I help other freelancers through my writing, podcast, videos, and course who want to make the jump into full-time freelancing.


Am I under contract?

NO you can cancel anytime

What do I need to know before taking this course?

For the business side of the course you don't need to know anything. When we get into development you don't need to have ever touched WordPress before, but it will help if you have some previous experience with HTML & CSS.

Can you really make a living building custom WordPress themes?

Yes! This is what I do day in and day out working from home, and yes I make enough money to support my family and my hobbies.

Who is this course for?

It's pretty simple actually. Anyone who wants to make money from being a freelance WordPress developer.